Universityteachers in Sierra Leone

The challenges for teachers and researchers in Sierra leone are many. The country suffered from civil war twenty years ago and Ebola killed thousands of people just a few years ago. Missing wages, poor equipment, huge classes, strikes and little possibility for women to educate them selves is the struggles of the common workday.

The project was supported by Union To Union and published in Universitetsläraren with text by Jennie Aquilonius.

In deep waters

Sree and Älla are adults learning to swim, struggling to overcome their fear of water.
Their story is told in the book "På djupt vatten/In deep waters".
Published by LL-Förlaget with text by Josefin Olevik.

People in Siracusa, Sicily

To take portraits of people without an assignment to lean on is totally different. But nice! These are pictures taken on a workshop with Anders Petersen in may 2017.


Henderson is a small village by the swamps of Mississippiriver in Louisiana.
No one moves there, no one leaves. 



A country made of sand. The tallest building in the world are built here. Built by guestworkers from Philippines and India with not many rights. Most work at least 12 hours a day, live in barracks and are bussed, to and from work seven days a week.
The story was an assignment for Arbetaren with text by David Jonstad.



Trinidad - a tourist dream

The story was published in Göteborgs-Posten with text by Josefin Olevik.