In deep waters

Sree and Älla are adults learning to swim, struggling to overcome their fear of water.
Their story is told in the book "På djupt vatten/In deep waters".
Published by LL-Förlaget with text by Josefin Olevik.

People in Siracusa, Sicily

To take portraits of people without an assignment to lean on is totally different. But nice!


Henderson is a small village by the swamps of Mississippiriver in Louisiana.
No one moves there, no one leaves. 



A country made of sand. The tallest building in the world are built here. Built by guestworkers from Philippines and India with not many rights. Most work at least 12 hours a day, live in barracks and are bussed, to and from work seven days a week.
The story was an assignment for Arbetaren with text by David Jonstad.



Trinidad - a tourist dream

The story was published in Göteborgs-Posten with text by Josefin Olevik.